The system settings has the following configurations

GEO Location

GEO Location address the current location of the server or ask to follow the given location as server location and operate dependent services.
This detail used to calculate Sunrise and Sunset times in Schedule

Form View

geo location

  • Auto Update - Enabling this field can take the server location based on the WAN IP address.
    If you want to give the value manually, disable this field.
  • Location Name - Name of the location
  • Latitude of the location
  • Longitude of the location
  autoUpdate: false
  locationName: Namakkal
  latitude: 11.2189165
  longitude: 78.1586027

Login Page Message

You can enter a message to display on the login page of the console.
The message supports HTML tags.

Form View

login page message

  message: |-
    This is a private MyController instance. Running in a local Raspberry PI
    <br>Default username and password: admin / admin    
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