Handlers are performing an action based on the input parameters.
Different type of handlers supported by MyController.
Handler is a plugin component.

Type of Handlers

Noop Handler

Noop is a No Operation handler. It does nothing.
The idea behind Noop handler is, in the future plan to introduce hidden handlers externally.
Right now, there is no use.

Resource Handler

Resource handler sends payload to the nodes, performs an actions on resource, operation, etc.,

Email Handler

Sends email to the recipients. Supports smtp server.

Form View

email handler

type: email # (1)
  host: smtp.example.com # (2)
  port: 465 # (3)
  insecureSkipVerify: true # (4)
  username: username@example.com # (5)
  password: mypassword # (6)
  fromEmail: from@example.com # (7)
  toEmails: to1@example.com,to2@example.com # (8)
  1. type should be selected as email
  2. host - email server host
  3. port - email server port
  4. insecureSkipVerify - enables/disables insecure
  5. username of the account
  6. password of the account
  7. fromEmail from email address
  8. toEmails to emails list comma separated

Telegram Handler

Sends telegram message to persons and/or groups.
Follow this guide to get the telegram token, chat_id and group_id

Form View

telegram handler

type: telegram # (1)
  token: 500000000:AAHKsdsdckwendlwwqNKJBmbjknm9jA # (2)
  chatIds: # (3)
    - '200000000'
    - '300000000'
  1. type should be selected as telegram
  2. token of the telegram account
  3. chatIds - list of chat ids or group ids

Backup Handler

Backup handler performs backup operation and keeps the backup archives at the specified target location

Form View

backup handler

type: backup # (1)
  providerType: disk # (2)
    storageExportType: yaml # (3)
    targetDirectory: /mc_home/backups/ # (4)
    prefix: primary # (5)
    retentionCount: 10 # (6)
  1. type should be selected as backup
  2. providerType should be selected as disk. Only this provider supported now
  3. storageExportType - storage database data will be exported in this format. options: yaml, json
  4. targetDirectory - location to keep the backup archives
  5. prefix of the backup file
  6. retentionCount - If the number of backup archives goes beyond this count,older files will be deleted permanently.
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