Install with executable binary

Install on Linux - Executable Binary

Steps to install the executable binary on your linux machine

Download Options

Choose the right executable bundle

Download the executable bundle that matches to your operating system architecture


  • linux-arm - 32 bit ARM Linux
  • linux-arm64 - 64 bit ARM Linux
  • linux-386 - 32 bit Linux
  • linux-amd64 - 64 bit Linux
  • windows-386 - 32 bit Windows
  • windows-amd64 - 64 bit Windows


  • create a directories to keep MyController server data and executable
    mkdir -p /opt/apps/mycontroller/mc_home  # directory to hold data
    mkdir -p /opt/apps/mycontroller/executable # directory to hold executable
    # create directories to keep image files to show it MyController dashboard
    # Example, camera stream image
    mkdir -p /opt/apps/mycontroller/mc_home/secure_share
    mkdir -p /opt/apps/mycontroller/mc_home/insecure_share
    # download the bundle and extract on executable directory
    cd /opt/apps/mycontroller
    tar xzf mycontroller-server-2.0.0-linux-arm.tar.gz  --strip-components=1 --directory /opt/apps/mycontroller/executable
  • now we have isolated MyController server data and executables, the expected result will be as follows,
  • NOTE: still, we have to keep the configuration file (mycontroller.yaml) file on the executable directory
    $ ls /opt/apps/mycontroller/mc_home  # MyController server data location
    insecure_share  secure_share
    $ ls /opt/apps/mycontroller/executable # MyController server executable location
    LICENSE.txt  logs  mycontroller-server  mycontroller.yaml  README.txt  web_console

Update mycontroller.yaml file

  • IMPORTANT: update your secret on the mycontroller.yaml file. DO NOT USE THE DEFAULT SECRET

  • secret can between 1 to 32 characters length

  • This secret used to encrypt your third party password, tokens used on this server

    secret: 5a2f6ff25b0025aeae12ae096363b51a # !!! WARNING: CHANGE THIS SECRET !!!
  • update influxdb configuration as follows in your mycontroller.yaml

    • prior to this step, influxdb should be installed and running with a database called mycontroller in influxdb
    • Influxdb installation guide
    • IMPORTANT uri - must point to the influxdb ip address. if you have installed on the same host, you can leave it as
    • update other fields as per your influxdb setup
          disabled: false
          type: influxdb
          uri: # must be updated with your host ip address
          bucket_name: mycontroller
          flush_interval: 5s
  • if you plan to use https with ACME(Letsencrypt) follow the detailed guide

  • Optional - if you plan to use external bus, update bus configuration as follows in your mycontroller.yaml

    • server should be installed and running
    • server installation guide
    • IMPORTANT server_url - must point to the server ip address. if you have installed on the same host, leave it as
        type: natsio
        topic_prefix: mc_server
        server_url: nats:// # must be updated with your host ip address
        insecure: false
        connection_timeout: 10s
  • Start the MyController server

    cd /opt/apps/mycontroller
    executable/ start
  • Access MyController server Web UI

    • http: http://<host-ip>:8080 (example:
    • https: https://<host-ip>:8443 (example:

To see the logs

  • MyController log file is placed in the executable directory
    cd /opt/apps/mycontroller
    cat executable/logs/mycontroller.log
  • Prints and tails the logs, to get exit do Ctrl+C
    cd /opt/apps/mycontroller
    tail --follow executable/logs/mycontroller.log


cd /opt/apps/mycontroller
executable/ stop


cd /opt/apps/mycontroller
executable/ stop
executable/ start

Uninstall from your system

cd /opt/apps/mycontroller
executable/ stop
rm /opt/apps/mycontroller/executable --recursive --force
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