Message bus

  • All services rely on centralized message bus. Which leads we can have micro service for each block shown above.
  • Most of the components based on a plugin approach. Other services can be included easily


  • Gateway is a service that collects data from different networks. Also can do changes on the target network.
  • Gateway is as plugin component, we can implement gateway for any provider
  • Supported providers list

Gateway Message Processor

  • Collects data from a gateway and updates in storage and metrics database
  • Sends received data as events, will be used in other services (Task, Forward Payload, etc.,)

Forward Payload

  • Forwards a payload from a Field to another Field
  • Fields can be on a different gateways

Task Service

  • User defined tasks will be executed by Task Service
  • Two types of tasks are available
  1. Event based
    • Tasks can listen to specific events.
  2. Execute on an interval
    • executes tasks based on the interval defined
  • If task meets the defined criteria, posts the given parameters to the Handler Service

Scheduler Service

  • User defined schedules are executed by Scheduler Service
  • outcome of the schedule execution handover the defined parameters to the Handler Service

Handler Service

  • Receives requests from Task Service and Scheduler Service
  • Submits the parameters to a specific handler
  • new handlers can be implemented easily as it is a plugin component

API and Websocket Service

  • Exposes set of APIs to consume and operate resources
  • Websocket notifies the changes on the resources, helps to sync the dashboard realtime
  • Web UI is client consumes query service APIs
    • User can add/modify most of the data here
    • Update Gateway details
    • Create a dashboard with different widgets
    • Add a schedule, task, handler, firmware
    • Run a backup, restore
    • etc…

Storage Database

  • Stores all the data other than metrics
    • gateways, Node, Source, Fields, Dashboard, Task, Scheduler, Handler, etc.,
  • storage is a plugin type
  • Currently there are two type of supported storage plugin
    • in-memory
      • Keeps all the configurations on the memory/RAM
      • Dumps into disk with defined intervals
      • On startup loads from the disk
    • MongoDB

Metric Database

  • Stores only the metrics data
  • Metric is a plugin type
  • Currently supports InfluxDB
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