Tasmota is an Open source firmware for ESP8266 devices

Common Configuration

  • Form view gateway-provider-tasmota

  • YAML View

      type: tasmota # (1)
    1. type should be selected as tasmota


Tasmota gateway supports the following protocols

Protocol Configuration - MQTT

  • Form view gateway-tasmota-mqtt

  • YAML View

        type: mqtt # (1)
        transmitPreDelay: 15ms # (2)
        broker: tcp:// # (3)
        insecureSkipVerify: false # (4)
        username: '' # (5)
        password: '' # (6)
        subscribe: jktasmota/# # (7)
        publish: jktasmota # (8)
        qos: 0 # (9)
    1. type type of the protocol. here it should be mqtt
    2. transmitPreDelay - wait till this time to avoid collision and sends the data to provider network
    3. broker mqtt broker url
    4. insecureSkipVerify if you want to skip the insecure ssl, enable this option
    5. username username of the mqtt broker. if it is anonymous leave it as a blank
    6. password if username supplied, password should be supplied. otherwise leave it as a blank
    7. subscribe topic to be subscribed to get messages from MySensors gateway
    8. publish topic to be used to post data from MyController to MySensors network
    9. qos MQTT qos

MQTT configuration on the Tasmota node


The following changes needs to be updated on the Tasmota node MQTT settings to connect with MyController

  • Topic - should be updated as tasmota_%06X
  • Full Topic - should be updated as jktasmota/%prefix%/%topic%/
    • here jktasmota can be any name, should be in lowercase and special characters are not allowed

To know more about MQTT settings on Tasmota follow this guide

Last modified May 5, 2021: doc update (7a271c0)