MyController supports different type of providers network.
Each network can be connected to MyController via a gateway.
Gateway can be added/updated/deleted from the Resources >> Gateway page

Supported Providers list

Common Configurations

  • Form View gateway-settings

  • YAML View

    id: mysensor # (1)
    description: MySensors gateway # (2)
    enabled: true # (3)
    reconnectDelay: 15s # (4)
    labels: # (5)
      location: core # (6)
    1. id of the gateway. You cannot modify this field later
    2. description of the gateway
    3. enabled - You can enable or disable to disconnect from provider network.
    4. reconnectDelay - if the gateway disconnected from the provider network for some reason, will be reconnected automatically after this delay
    5. labels - labels are a key value pair used across the system
    6. labels.location this is a kind of filter used to restrict to run this gateway to a specific location(s)

Power of the labels

We can restrict to load a gateway to the specific host.

For example you are running gateway service on multiple hosts and all the gateway service connected to MyController via message bus. you have connected a serial port on Host B. When you add a gateway configuration on MyController, it sends the configuration details to all the gateway listener services. So all the gateway listeners are try to look that serial port on their hosts. expect from Host B all other gateway reports failed to load. To avoid these kind of situation, we have introduced labels. When we start a gateway service on a host, include label based filter. That gateway service listens only it is own configuration.

gateway setup

In the above setup, if we include labels as location=gw2 on the configuration, It loads on the Host C gateway service. Other gateways from the different hosts will ignore this configuration.

Provider Configurations

Message Logger Configurations

Message logger is recording received and transmitted messages.

Type of Message Logger

  • None - disable message logging system
  • File Logger - records the messages into a file (disk)
  • Form View gateway-settings

  • YAML View

      type: file_logger # (1)
      flushInterval: 5s # (2)
      logRotateInterval: 6h # (3)
      maxSize: 1MiB # (4)
      maxAge: 24h # (5)
      maxBackup: 3 # (6)
    1. messageLogger.type message logger type. support file_logger and none
    2. messageLogger.flushInterval how long once received message to be dumped to disk from memory
    3. messageLogger.logRotateInterval creates new file after this interval
    4. messageLogger.maxSize if the size reaches the maxSize, creates new file
    5. messageLogger.maxAge if the age reaches the maxAge, creates new file
    6. messageLogger.maxBackup retention files count
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